About Us

When we started hosting our basement suite in 2016, we had tiny basement windows that didn't open, a futon, a wardrobe, and a side table with two mismatched chairs. 

We kept it clean, and our guests were happy, but it wasn't perfect. Little by little we made improvements. First, we traded in the futon for a real bed. Then we had bigger windows installed--mostly for safety as a fire escape, but also to bring in lots of light; and we planted a variety of herbs outside for a pleasant and fragrant garden view. 

Next we added a new table and chairs for a more functional arrangement, as well as a mini fridge and freezer, microwave, and a small desk. We updated the artwork, shelving and lamps, and added little amenities like coffee and tea, a white noise machine, and a water refill station. 

We built an ADU in 2020 with an apartment, and made it available for short-term rental as well. This one we designed and built from scratch, and curated the artwork. 

Creating personal touches and great experiences are what we enjoy most about hosting. Having lived and played in Denver more than 20 years, we have the experience to share the best of our great city. YorkStBnb now encompasses our property and both rental spaces. One thing that hasn't changed is our dedication to hospitality and 5-star stays.

Besides hosting on Airbnb and working full time, we enjoy a lot of activities-- including gardening, cooking, making art, and creating events--and want to share with our guests! 

Below are links to our other sites where you can learn more about the artwork, our events, and what we do. We hope to share an experience, or at least maybe something interesting. Enjoy! - Amy and Eric

About the Art

As artists and art collectors, we always have an eye out for fun, interesting, thought-provoking, or whimsical pieces and amazing talent. All the works are by local artists--or once local who have since moved elsewhere--and Eric Matelski, your resident artist host! We curate the pieces in your space and hope you enjoy them. Some are for sale. Let us know if you have questions about any of the artwork.

Basement Suite Collection

The first thing you'll see when you enter the house is this beautiful piece we commissioned from the artist Nemo, on your door! One of his styles includes this meticulous process of drawing concentric circles by hand. (NFS)

As you go down the stairs, you'll notice these seed packet designs for each of Denver's neighborhoods, by local artist Kenny Be! Kenny was an artist for the Westword for many years and continues to produce amazing and whimsical work. (NFS)

The Wazee Supper Club, a historic LoDo staple--closed in 2017--shown here under the viaducts, which were demolished in 1993. Photo by Paul Colburn. (NFS)

Elitch Gardens theme park was first opened in 1890 in Colorado. This is a poster depicting a rendering for its relocation to downtown Denver in 1995. (NFS)

Painting by Eric Matelski, from a photo taken in RiNo circa 2016

Heart and Soul, painting and collage by Brian Robertson

iPhone Power, photo by Dean Allan McCready

The John Wayne Machine, by Brian Robertson

Colorado Sunset, by Eric Matelski

Monkey Business, by Brian Robertson

Learn more about Eric's artwork at EricMatelski.com and Instagram.com/art_pimp